Welcome to my Amateur Radio Section. I started operating on the CB bands (1995), which I enjoyed and soon became interested in HAM radio.  This section of my web site contains comprehensive information about CB and Amateur Radio

General Information

CB Radio

Amateur Radio


Introduction Introduction Phonetic Alphabet
CB Jargon Glossary

Packet Radio

Q Codes
10 Codes Band Plans 11 Meter Prefix List
13 Codes VSWR and the Decibel Radio Wave Propagation
Co-Phasing Aerials SWR, Return Loss Cable Leads & Plugs
Operate a CB radio Using a Oscilloscope Transmission Techniques
SWR Basic Electronics QSL Cards & Log Books
D.X or "Skip" signals Advanced Electronics Direction Finding
Mounting Techniques Pictures of Amateur Radios Radio Freq Interference

Pictures of CB Radios

Questions and Answers Telephone Interference
Channel / Freq Charts   Interference Handbook
    More Information


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