Abbreviations and symbols used in this report are listed alphabetically: -
%         Percentage
µ          Micro, 1 x 10-6
∞          Infinity
ACK     Acknowledgement
ADC     Analogue to Digital Converter
ASM     Assembly level programming
BMP     Bitmap
bps       Bits per second, also known as the baud-rate
BRG     Baud Rate Generator
C          Capacitor
C          High-level programming language
C++      Object originated programming language
CCS     C compiler
CISC    Complex Instruction Set Computer
CPU     Central Processing Unit
CRC     Cyclical Redundancy Check
CRT      Cathode Ray Tube
DDB     Device Dependent Bitmap
DIB      Device Independent Bitmap
DOS     Disk Operating System
F          Farads
fCUT_OFF High frequency cut-off
FERR   Framing Error
fSTOP      Start of filter stop band
GIF       Graphical Interchange Format
GND     Ground
GUI      Graphical User Interface, i.e. Microsoft Windows
Hz        hertz
I/O        Input / Output
IC         Integrated Circuit
JPEG   Joint Photographic Experts Group
k          Kilo, 1 x 103
LCD     Liquid crystal Display
m         Milli, 1 x 10-3
M         Filter Order
M         Mega, 1 x 106
MB       Megabytes
MS       Microsoft
NAK     Negative Acknowledgment
OERR   Overflow Error
p          Pico, 1 x 10-9
PC       IBM compatible personal computer
PIC      Peripheral Interface Controller
R          Resistor
RAM     Random Access Memory
RCSTA Receive Status and Control Register
RISC    Reduced Instruction Set Computer
ROM     Read Only Memory
RS232  Standard 9-pin PC serial port
RX        Receive
S          Switch
SCI      Serial Communications Interface
SPBRG Serial Port Baud-Rate Generator
SPEN   Serial Port Enable bit
SPI       Serial Peripheral Interface
SREN   Single Receive Enable bit
TACQ   Amplifier Setting Time
TC         Hold Capacitor Charging Time
TCOFF     Temperature Coefficient
TX        Transmit
TXSTA  Transmit Status and Control Register
UART    Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
USART Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
USB     Universal Serial Bus
V          Voltage
VCC       Supply Voltage
VDD       Supply Voltage
VI         Input Voltage
VIN             Input Voltage
Vo         Output Voltage
VOUT         Output Voltage
VSS       Ground
WWW  World Wide Web
X          Horizontal
XTAL    Crystal frequency
Y          Vertical

Final Year Project

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