14.0. Bibliography / References

NOTE: References are in blue text (referred to them explicitly in this report), the rest are bibliography.

Text Books
Oscilloscopes – How to use them, How they Work
By Ian Hickman
Publisher: Newnes
ISBN: 0-7506-2282-2
UUJLIB: 621.3815483HIC
Hands-On Guide to Oscilloscopes
By Barry Ross
Publisher: McGraw – Hill
ISBN: 0-07-707818-7
The Quintessential PIC Microcontroller
By Dr Sid Katzen
Published by Springer
ISBN: 1-85233- 309-X.
Microelectronic Circuits – Fourth Edition.
By S. Sedra and Kenneth C. Smith
Publisher:  Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0-19-511690-9
Audio, Video And Data Telecommunication
By David Petersen
Published by McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-07-707427-0
Data Communications for Engineers
By Michael Duck, Peter Bishop and Richard Read.
Publisher: Addison – Wesley Longman limited.
ISBN: 0-201-42788-5
Computer Networks – Third Edition
By Andrew S. Tanenbaum
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-394248-1
The Complete C++ Reference
By Herbert Schildt
Published by McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-07-882476-1

[J1]      “PC-based virtual test and measurement speed bench testing” by Ivor Matanle (AA Vol. 15 No. 4, 1995 - page 12)
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            13 -- 20, Publisher: Emerald).
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[J5]      “Using digital potentiometers to design low pass adjustable filters”, by Bonnie C. Baker (Microchip application note
            AN737, © 2001).
[J6]      “Implementing a bootloader for the PIC16F87X”, by Mike Garbutt” (Microchip application note AN732, © 2000).



Web Sites
Click on the Farnell logo to return to the login page
http://www.farnell.com (Farnell Online catalogue).
http://rswww.com (RS Online Catalogue).
Microchip Technology Inc.Microchip WebSite
http://www.microchip.com - Microchip Website (PIC datasheets and application notes).
The Code Project
http://www.codeproject.com - The Code Project (a community of Windows developers specialising in C++, MFC, C# and .NET who have come together to share source code, articles and tutorials).
[W5]    http://www.lvr.com/usb.htm - USB Central (Information, tools, and links to material about the Universal Serial
[W6]    http://www.lvr.com/serport.htm - Serial Port Central (A collection of files and links to material relating to serial
links and networks, especially in monitoring and control applications).
[W7]    http://www.lvr.com/parport.htm - Parallel Port Central (A collection of files and links to material about the PC's    
parallel port, including ECP, EPP, bidirectional, and IEEE-1284 modes).
MSDN Online
http://msdn.microsoft.com/ - Microsoft Developer Network 
[W9]    http://www.engj.ulst.ac.uk/sidk/PIC/index.html - PIC Resource Site (An assorted set of data sheets, instruction
sets and web sites, by Dr S Katzen).
For C C++ Pascal Delphi Visual Basic Assembler C# .Net java JSP ASP ASP.NET Javascript developers!
http://www.programmersheaven.com/ (Over 18449 resources to explore)
[W11]   http://www.codeguru.com/ (C++ source code, etc…)
[W12]   http://www.intelinfo.com/newly_researched_free_training/C++.html (Free C++ Programming Training and
[W13]   www.picotech.com (PC Based Test & Measurement)

Data Sheets
[D1]     “PIC16F87X Data Sheet”, 28/40-pin 8-bit CMOS flash microcontrollers (© 1999 microchip technology)

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